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English Heritage Trips

5 - 17 August, 2018

A Pilgrimage
To Southern England
led by
The Very Rev Dominic Barrington
The Very Rev Paul Kennington

5 - 16 October, 2018

Exploring Anglican Heritage
A Pilgrimage for
All Saints Episcopal Church, Omaha
led by
The Rev Marisa Thompson

26 October - 3 November, 2018

Exploring Anglican Heritage
A Pilgrimage for
the Episcopal Church of St Luke in the Fields,
led by
Fr William Ogburn

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“Mesmerizing!  Inspiring!
A Spiritual Re-awakening!
My pilgrimage to the Holy Land changed my outlook on life
and has allowed me to refocus my purpose here on Earth.

Visiting the places where
Jesus brought his message
to mankind has given me
a new perspective on his teachings and helped me figure out how I can
carry on His message
in my own life.

Shelley and David
touched my soul in a
way that will forever
change my life.“

– Christine Miceli

What We Do...

Early in the 4th Century, C.E., the Empress Helena, mother of Constantine traveled from Western Europe to the Holy Land. She must have been a strong and resilient woman to make such a long journey in those times. Legend has it that she was in search of the concrete realities that underpinned this new Christian faith. If Christ was indeed crucified, and raised from the dead, then this must have happened not in books and stories, but in a certain place.

Helena went to find the place, to see and pray where it all happened. Her journey changed her life, that of her son, and the entire world. Since that time millions of Christians have followed where Helena led. You are invited to join us on pilgrimages to that same place. Not only will you see the places where it all began, but you will see the “facts on the ground”—what it means to be a Christian in Israel and Palestine today. So do come join us. Bring your head and your heart, but put your feet on the ground of the Holy Land.

Lightline pilgrimages focus on the Living Stones, the people of the Holy Land, and sharing in a small part of their daily lives, culture, faith and challenges. So it is our mission to build enduring relationships with the local Christian communities through the intentional act of connecting our pilgrims with the lives and faith of these courageous people. Learn more about us and our unique approach to the pilgrim experience by clicking here.

The Holy Seplechur

“Lightline’s service before and after the trip was exemplary. But what makes Lightline truly stand out is what happens on the trip: from access to holy sites and churches for memorable worship, to the outstanding guides and drivers provided, to the connections with “Living Stones” – the Christians living in Israel and the West Bank – all of it combines into a transformative experience for parishioners and their clergy leaders.” – Fr. Rob Price, Rector, St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas

Walking in Gethsemane

Holy Landscape

Holy Land Trips

March 31 - 11 April, 2019

A Pilgrimage to
the Holy Land
for Christ Church Cathedral
Led by
The Very Rev Gail Greenwell & The Right Rev John Pritchard

13 - 24 May, 2019

A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
for the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago
Led by
The Right Rev Jeffrey Lee
& The Very Rev Dominic Barrington

5 - 16 January, 2020

A Pilgrimage to
the Holy Land
for the Episcopal Diocese of
Southeast Florida
Led by
The Right Revd. Peter Eaton
& The Right Revd. John Pritchard