Why Choose Lightline Pilgrimages

We offer decades of experience in creating unique, life-changing pilgrimages that enable pilgrims to deepen their faith, learn more about the Bible and the history of the church, and empower them to return home filled with a sense of Christian mission.


Support Local Christians

We are the only full service pilgrimage provider working with the Episcopal Church which aims to put every pilgrim dollar spent in the Holy Land into the hands of the Christian communities of Palestine and Israel. Because of this commitment, Archbishop Suheil Dahani of Jerusalem named us as his Official and preferred pilgrimage operator.


Full Service for Pilgrims & Leaders

Lightline arranges every aspect of a pilgrimage, including international flights. We will work with every pilgrimage leader to ensure their program is exactly how they would like it, and we work with each pilgrim to address any requests or concerns they might have. Our costs are all inclusive, and leave no unexpected extras to be paid at the last minute.


Expertise & Experience

Lightline blends 30+ years accumulated understanding of the special needs of Christian travelers together with the intimate knowledge of the countries in which we operate, and the fervent wish to make your pilgrimage a truly meaningful journey.

Upcoming Pilgrimages

All our upcoming pilgrimages are listed here, so if your parish or diocese is organizing a pilgrimage with Lightline Pilgrimages, you should be able to find more information here.

Pilgrimage Destinations

Lightline’s principal focus is on taking pilgrims to the Holy Land, and helping them encounter and support the Christian communities in Palestine and Israel, often called the ‘Living Stones’. Reflecting our British roots as a company, and the fact that our US office is run by an English priest, we also offer two types of British pilgrimages - Anglican/Episcopal heritage trips (usually starting in Canterbury), and Celtic pilgrimages (usually starting on Iona).

Anglican/Episcopal Heritage Pilgrimages

Anglican/Episcopal Heritage Pilgrimages

For members of the Episcopal/Anglican family, England cannot but be a place of special significance and pilgrimage. For many years, Lightline has offered pilgrimages that…

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Celtic Pilgrimages

Celtic Pilgrimages

In recent years, there has been a major rediscovery of Celtic Christianity, although the enthusiasm that has surrounded this has not always been matched with…

Packages in Celtic Pilgrimages 3
Holy Land Pilgrimages

Holy Land Pilgrimages

Early in the 4th Century, C.E., the Saint Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine traveled from Western Europe to the Holy Land. You are invited…

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Kind words from our Pilgrims

Read reviews and opinions from our priests and past pilgrims!

The Right Rev Greg Rickel

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia,  Chair of the Trustees, American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

I have been utilizing Lightline for my Holy Land pilgrimages for nearly a decade. I have never used another company and have never even thought to. Lightline has amazing connections, expertise, and service. When you sign on with Lightline, you sign on with the family, and they have never let me down. When the inevitable, unplanned, and unmanageable problems occur, i.e. blizzards, airline cancellations, failures in service, I have always been stunned in the best way at Lightline’s response and remedies. I will soon use them for planned trips to England and Poland. I recommend them every chance I get and I recommend them to you too.

Rt Rev Anne E. Hodges-Copple

Bishop Suffragan - Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina

I am preparing for my third pilgrimage to the Holy Land under the guidance and wisdom of Lightline and I have every confidence it will be as smooth and thrilling as my journeys in 2017 and 2018. From beginning to end, we don’t have to sweat the details because the folks at Lightline are doing that for us. The thing that impresses me most about Lightline is that the blessed depth of our journey is build upon long standing relationships with all the various providers of services. From accommodations to drivers to speakers to guides we feel folded into the family businesses of the people of the Holy Land who have been stewards of the sacred mysteries for thousands of years.  

The Very Rev Rob Price

Dean of St Matthew’s Cathedral, Dallas, Texas

Lightline’s service before and after the trip was exemplary. But what makes Lightline truly stand out is what happens on the trip: from access to holy sites and churches for memorable worship, to the outstanding guides and drivers provided, to the connections with “Living Stones” – the Christians living in Israel and the West Bank – all of it combines into a transformative experience for parishioners and their clergy leaders.

Very Rev Gail Greenwell

Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati

Christ Church Cathedral has made 3 pilgrimages with Lightline.  What I have particularly appreciated about every experience is the way in which Lightline beautifully weaves an encounter with the life of our Savior with an experience of the lives of the people who currently make this ancient land their home.  

Lightline professionally takes care of every detail of travel so that the church leaders can focus on the unfolding spiritual experience of the pilgrims. The on-the-ground team in the Holy Land are so gracious and accommodating!

It is a Wonderful Ministerial Task to Lead a Pilgrimage

Lead a trip to the Holy Land, or to any other destination. Across the centuries, Christian clergy have taken groups to visit sites redolent with sacred history, and to learn more of their relevance from the communities based in these places today. If you are interested in exploring such a possibility for your congregation, parish or community, contact us today.