For members of the Episcopal/Anglican family, England cannot but be a place of special significance and pilgrimage. For many years, Lightline has offered pilgrimages that celebrate the great legacy of English spirituality and Christian practice, and which connect pilgrims to some of the foremost places associated with English Christianity. 

Each itinerary is tailor-made can reflect the interests of the clergy leading the pilgrimage. Typically, we aim to have pilgrims begin their journey at Canterbury, and other venues and visits have included Oxford, Cambridge, Winchester, Salisbury, Coventry and London. Through Dean Barrington’s extensive network of friends and contacts in the Church of England, we are able to arrange programs and speakers that can bring to life the foundational story of Anglicanism, and help today’s pilgrims understand more of the heritage, and become the more committed disciples of Christ.

Aug - Sep 13 Days Orlando Anglican/Episcopal Heritage Pilgrimages
13 days

DISCOVERING OUR ANGLICAN ROOTS – From Canterbury to York – A Pilgrimage for Trinity Parish, St. Augustine

August 31 - September 11, 2023

Led by the Reverend Matt & Kari Marino and Courtney & Leslie Wilson

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Jul 13 Days Boston Anglican/Episcopal Heritage Pilgrimages
13 days

DISCOVERING OUR ANGLICAN ROOTS FROM CANTERBURY TO YORK – A Pilgrimage for the Parish of St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Wellesley

July 5-17, 2023

Led by the Reverend Adrian Robbins-Cole & The Reverend Margaret Schwarzer

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May 12 Days Washington DC Anglican/Episcopal Heritage Pilgrimages
12 days

EXPLORING ANGLICAN HERITAGE-A Pilgrimage for Friends of the Living Church

May 24 - June 4, 2023

Led by the Rev. Mark Michael & Amber Noel

$4,995 View More
Sam Anglican/Episcopal Heritage Pilgrimages