How do I book my pilgrimage?

To book your pilgrimage you will need to complete a Booking Form on behalf for all persons traveling. The Booking Form can be completed online, or on a paper copy.  (You can download a pdf of the brochure with the booking form to print and fill out.) Paper copies should be mailed to our office with a deposit check of $500 per person. Online bookings can be paid by credit card, or you can mail a check to the office if you prefer. More info and details are found on the Booking Forms page. 

What payment methods can I use?

Either include a check for $500 per person by way of a refundable deposit, book and pay online, or email a request to pay by credit card and you will receive a payment link.

How much walking will there be?

All our pilgrimages involve a considerable amount of walking each day, although they are not hiking expeditions. Pilgrims will need to be able to get on and off a bus frequently, and, in the course of a day, walk one or two miles at a gentle pace, sometimes on uneven or hilly ground. Much of the terrain is not suited to walkers or strollers, or to people who depend on wheelchairs for mobility.

Is it safe?

We recognize that travel in the Middle East can raise questions of safety for many people. We have an unblemished reputation for safety in the Holy Land, which we intend to keep. Both we and our partners in Jerusalem and Amman constantly monitor local and international news, as well as State Department travel advice, and, when needed, we adjust itineraries to reflect such advice. 

What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel prior to 90 days before departure, you forfeit your $500 deposit. A cancellation closer to the time of departure requires a higher penalty. We require Trip Insurance for all Lightline Pilgrimages, which should allow you to recover 100% of the cost if your cancellation is for a valid reason as set out in your policy.

Where are our deposits and payments held until our pilgrimage is confirmed?

Lightline Pilgrimages North America keeps 100% of all funds on deposit in trust in a US bank until the tour is fully booked and confirmed. Your funds are insured by the bond, and by the FDIC.

What is the history and reputation of Lightline Pilgrimages and its affiliates?

We have worked in the pilgrimage industry for over 30 years with an unbroken record of safety and reliability. Our partner in Israel/Palestine was established in 1965 and is one of the most highly regarded travel agencies in the Holy Land. We choose from the best Arab Christian guides and bus drivers to insure that your pilgrimage is not dependent on the health or availability of any single individual.

What is distinctive about a Lightline pilgrimage?

Our pilgrimages are designed to help benefit Christians struggling in the Holy Land. We employ Arab Christian guides and drivers, stay at Christian-run hotels and guest houses whenever possible, and organize our shopping to bring maximum benefit to Christian families, workers and shopkeepers. We give generously to ministries in the Holy Land, including those of the Episcopal Diocese. In recognition of this, Archbishop Suheil names Lightline as the ‘official and preferred’ pilgrimage operator for the Episcopal Diocese in 2013.

What vaccinations are recommended for this adventure?

It’s important that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information for the region you will be visiting. The only one qualified to provide you with this advice is your family physician or a specialist from a Travel Health clinic.

Do I need a travel visa?

For US nationals, the only destination to which we operate which requires a visa is Jordan, and we will arrange for you to be issued with a visa on arrival if you travel there.

What clothing should I pack?

You will receive a FAQ email one month before any pilgrimage with us, which will give you packing suggestions based on the country and the time of year. You will find it advisable to be able to dress in layers in all our destinations, at almost any time of year. In the Holy Land both men and women should be aware they will be refused admission to many churches if their shoulders or knees are visible.

Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my trip or change my flights from those listed in the brochure?

We have a vast amount of experience in helping our pilgrims personalize their travel plans with extra nights before or after a pilgrimage and flight upgrades of itinerary changes. Please contact us if you would like to explore this possibility.